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The Best Fire Ever

By Tanner M.

One day I had a fire and my marshmallow fell off my stick, and it started all the grass on fire! The burning grass started the house on fire, and it started the fence on fire. Then I left in my car! I called the firemen and I moved in my car to a new house.

I did not have a fire for a long time. I threw the matches away in the trash can inside, and it started the trash can on fire in my house! Then I got my front loader, and I got the trash can out of my house. I put it in the gray trash can outside.

The trashman is coming! He lifts it and he is going to get in his truck when his truck blows up!! He told me I had to buy him a new truck, but I said, ’’Too bad.’’ I didn’t do it. ‘You will buy it because it is not my truck,’’ I said. So he went to go get a new truck but when he got there, the trucks weren’t there. Because all the trucks had been bought.

So he has to wait for another truck. While he was gone, I had a fire in my chimney. Then it turned into a fire monster.

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